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all about : Real adult

 “Real Adult” is a dramedy web series, written by gina etlinger, that follows six friends in Philadelphia who have just graduated college: Chloe, Rachel, Gab, Matt, Nick, and Robby.



our cast: ...

RACHEL: 23, a lesbian with a witchy and sarcastic edge. A big heart if you can get past all that cigarette smoke.

Alessandra Fonseca

You fucked ice-dickle!?
— Rachel


CHLOE: 23, a non-binary lesbian, anxious but quick witted, and the best friend you could have. Tells the worst jokes and you love her for it.

Oliver Dee Paul

That’s enough feelings for tonight. Don’t hurt yourself.
— Chloe


GAB: 23, high-strung and proud to a fault. Has an affinity for vodka tonics and repressing her feelings for Matt.

Marita Massaquoi

I’m too fucking sober for this.
— Gab


MATT: 23, heartbroken and loyal. Spends all his time at the gym or pining after Gab.

Cameron DelGrosso

Cameron DelGrosso

You broke my fucking heart. What do you want me to do with that?
— Matt


NICK: 23, work obsessed, passionate, and no student loans. Has the privilege of fearing that he’s grown up too fast.

Benjamin Brass

Since when are you fine with not being involved, in everyone’s personal lives?
— Nick


ROBBY: 23, fierce and a force. Madly in love with Nick, but worries their lives are heading in different directions.


Kalen Allen

Graduating college is all about change.
— Robby