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Filmmaker 101 - TOOLS!

When people think of the title ' Filmmaker', I'm sure their first thought is naturally someone who makes films. CORRECT!! But what does that really mean? They write, produce, direct, shoot, edit, cut  and distribute film? Kind of... yeah. A Filmmaker does either all, or some of those things. Well, if they're lucky, they can do their favorite(est) parts of those things, and leave the other things to other filmmakers who (with more specific titles) like doing those things more than they do. A filmmaker is a self-title. It's what you do when you do a little bit of all of it. 



I say this, because I didn't start out wanting to be a filmmaker. I wanted to be a writer. The title of writer must've been written on my birth certificate somewhere, because that's what I've always been. But to decide to become a filmmaker was a choice. Once my innate love for writing became apparent, I started to become interested in the other roles that came along with the creative process of filmmaking. Producing gave me a chance to tell other people's stories, and help those stories become something. Editing gave me the ability to splice together footage and lace a music track in the background - literally take one form of art and completely change it into another (Whaaa!). Point, I found a lot of different elements of the filmmaking process fascinating. One thing though (the biggest thing)... I knew writing, everything else, ehhh, not so much. There's a lot of 'learn-as-you-go' but combine that with some pretty decent common sense and you're good! Remember to use the tools at your disposal: Youtube, books, trying and buying different gadgets. But most of all, have determination and dedication. You've got this. Once you're a filmmaker in your head, the rest is just putting the action behind it.

And have fun. 'Cause if you're not doing what you love... then don't even waste your time.


Yes, Hitchcock!   

Yes, Hitchcock!


Brandy Austin