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The Blogging Filmmaker

First and foremost...

Thank you for tuning in, because let's face it, it's 2017 and everywhere you turn, there's a blog or a site or an app or an article. We are surrounded by things to consume us 24/7. We will NEVER run out of some sort of media to indulge in.  EVERYONE is your competition. That little old lady that lives two doors down, yeah, she probably has a Vlog cooking channel on Youtube. 

It's just the day and age that we live in, which to me, is cool. It gives us all a voice. It gives us a chance to do the impossible. Like, if you want to be a writer, you don't have to imagine that you'd need to send off a manuscript and hope that the person who reads it, passes it up to their boss, who you pray won't toss it in the trash. (That actually hurt my heart a little bit). Now, being a writer is as simple as starting a blog, relying on that red, squiggly line and Google to carry you through editing your piece, and hitting the Publish button, sending it off for the world to love or judge. There's no denying, the process to success is longer, but there's nothing like being the captain of your own ship, instead of having your fate decided by a suit and a tie (or khakis and a button up). 

My point, we all are going for something. We all have something to say. We all are trying to say it - Thank you for taking the time to let me say mine to you. And if you like what you hear (read) you should come back, same time, same place next week, as I chronicle my journey as a Filmmaker.  The good, the bad, and everything in between... and let's be honest, the between is usually the best part. 


Post written by B. Austin.