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We need money and we need it now!

Because that's how the commercial says it and it sounds convincing. But I feel like when we say it, it sounds demanding. 

Have you ever crowd funded? It's like a mix of, 'honey we're pregnant' jitters, meets, 'shit, I don't know if it's his...' topped with, 'well, just hope for the best; you can always blame it on grandparent's side...' You know what I mean?! It's stressful and exciting all at once.  You put your best foot forward and you ask people to open their wallets. And then you ask them again (in case they didn't hear you the first time). Then you try doing it politer. At last, you slap on those knee pads and get ready to get down and beg if you have to (a little shamelessness never killed anyone). It's called being an early entrepreneur. Anything (within reason) goes. And even reason is a little faulty at times. 

The hardest part is not knowing if you will reach your goal. We're using Indiegogo to crowd-fund our project, so luckily, even if we don't hit 100% of our goal, we'll be able to take what we earned, re-work our budget and hope to get sponsorships for the rest. Even a small production like ours, requires a certain amount of funding to be it's best, and that's even with half of us volunteering our talents because we believe in the project. You run into quality issues, when funds aren't available so we're hoping that we get what we need, to do what we gotta do.  I say this as my stomach and heart screams 'What if I can't pay the sound guy?!' but, ya know, no pressure...

In the end, it's all a humbling experience. It makes the project mean more to you, when you look at what it took for you to get there. All the family members that you had to threaten to disown if they didn't give up $50 bucks for your cause.  The friends who you stalked with posts until they clicked the 'donation' button. It's all worth it. It's called being an indie filmmaker. Being an artist of any kind. None of us can make it off of compliments, even though we appreciate the positive enforcement. We have sort of a reputation of being our own worst critics.

By the way, if you're willing and able (and remember, I ain't too proud to beg) hit the link below to support our web series REAL ADULT. We appreciate your patronage.