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Katie got it right.

Katie Couric and National Geographic teamed up to present the world with a whole new outlook on being human. The exploration of Gender with the Documentary: Gender Revolution.

2017 presence a long time coming when you think about having the conversation about gender, but now certainly is the right time. We live in a day and age where all men and women in the United States can get married, regardless of sexual orientation. But when it comes to gender orientation and what it means to be not feel comfortable living with the gender you were assigned at birth, we are just at the threshold of learning and understanding.

Words such as Cis, Non-Binary  and Genderfluid are more recently being understood in everyday conversation, thanks to organizations, individuals and the resources accessed through websites and social media that offer insight into who we really are as individuals and human beings.  

National Geographic and Katie Couric, provide viewers with a deeper look into the world of "Gender Revolution". An exploration of the lives of individuals who are born intersex, transgender and non-binary.  The Webseries project, Real Adult, explores these LGBTQA+ realities through the lives of individuals and friends. It's important to show realism in todays society, because the fact is that it doesn't look like it used to. We are a generation of differences; which is exactly what makes us all amazing.

This program will on the National Geographic channel on Friday 2/11 at 9pm. It is a highly recommended watch.