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Make it enjoyable. Yes, it's tough asking for money. Everybody's broke, for the most part. Well, everyone's broke when it comes to helping your friends make films. 'Cause lets face it, giving 20 bucks to a friend's Gofundme might actually be your gas money for the week. Believe me, your creative friends understand, we don't want to put you in that situation. So, what do you (the filmmaker) do when you needs funds and it's a little beyond pitching to investors (this will be another blog) ? Get creative!!

There are old skool methods that, believe me, still work.

One way we fundraised was to host a Happy Hour at a local bar in Philly. They were happy to have us after we reached out to them about our project (shout-out to JJ Bootleggers, in South Philly!). We were able to have people come out and support us, and we made a dollar off of every drink sold that night. It also gave us the opportunity to take advantage of having all our cast together, to do promo stuff like, take pictures, and talk to guests about the show. We also had a raffle and were able to give away some pretty cool promo merchandise (see our poster below!!).

Real Adult Promo Poster

Real Adult Promo Poster

How can you not enjoy drinking for a cause?!? You can't! We found ways to have fun with our fund-raising. Make it not such a "burden" on people. Make them not feel "obligated" by providing a solution to something simple. Turn it into something where people helping you, can only help them in the end. For instance, I went to Costco and got a bunch of snacks in bulk. When it was hard getting people to donate $1 to $5 dollars via Social Media and email, I offered them snacks at a $1 each. Wow, what a difference. I ended up making about 20 dollars the first week. That's 20 dollars that I wouldn't have had (that I now had) to put towards our budget! 

It's sometimes a difficult road to figure out funding. There are a lot of options out there. Give yourself time to fund. It's going to more than likely take you some time, and some work, until you see your goal come to life.  Create little ways to get to the next step. Selling candy can be a slower way to fund, but it is easy and effective. You'd be surprised by how many people love Snickers bars.