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Let me back up for a minute. Because before you understand where I'm going, you have to know where I've been...

As I might have mentioned before, I am a Screenwriter, who decided to become a filmmaker. My first love is writing. Matter of fact, I'm a poet, who became a short story writer, who became a novel writer (published), who then fell into screenwriting, kind of accidentally. One of those things, that just happens, but then you end up loving it (like tasting a weird food...idk). It clicked from day one: Yes, this is it. The ultimate form of writing (for me), was seeing my vision on SCREEN! My journey had led me right to this!! The screenwriting part, not the filmmaking part.

I had the pleasure of working with a Hollywood production studio after graduating with a Writing for Television degree. That experience taught me two things: 1. You need to get a fucking job, because writing is the slower avenue of the Hollywood industry. Meaning, unless you know someone, who knows someone, who knows Steven Spielberg himself, then sit in the long line with the other writers and wait patiently for Hollywood to call your name, if they want. AND 2. (the most important one) I learned what it took to run a production company. Not A to Z, 1 thru 3 - everything, but enough. Enough to decide to take, number one, put it into play (get a job) and instead of wait in Hollywood's long line, I got out of line and started my own company.

More than that, I'd hooked up with some fellow Alums who felt the same as me: Where da Screenwriting jobs at?! - Once my company was started, one of the 2 ladies (Gina Etlinger) I linked up with pitched the idea of us producing her senior thesis, an hour long Queer dramedy about 6 friends living in Philly: Real Adult. I'd read it and loved it when we were in school! I was ecstatic... It was at this point, when I realized, I would take on more than writing, but also producing, maybe even shooting and editing, too. Because to make it happen, you have to make it happen, by any means. Until the means, become a team of others.

Here we are presently. Almost 3 years to the anniversary of our graduation, and we will be filming that very same pilot, now converted into a 10 episode Web Series, with full crew, amazing actors and lots of supportive people involved. In 7 months, we (with lloootttss of help from family, friends and complete strangers!) are being able to bring something to life. Like, fa-real fa-real. Um, thanks, but we got this, Hollywood.  

All I can say is... dream big, work hard and have patience.  Anything can happen.



Brandy Austin