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What I've Been Doing Since Being Gone...

It's been a minute. That happens in life, you take a pause. A reset.  I had to reset my priorities. Align myself with the right energy and equip myself with the courage to continue.

I've been writing, pretty much everyday, for the last week and a half. Diligently working on a Television series with the spark to re-ignite an old fire. It's hard to pick up the pieces when they end up laying where you didn't put them. I went through a period of time, when I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue working on filmmaking. Or even writing. But when I think of everything I've had to do to get here, even mentally, realistically realizing that I have gone farther than most, I feel like not continuing becomes not an option. It takes guts, real balls, to go after the unknown. Things fail. You fail. People fail you. You deal with it, then you grow from it. It's hard and I believe takes real time (for it to truly sink in). But the after affect is catastrophic (in the best way). It's a moment to remember. You get a second wind and you reset. And you come back with vigor and better than ever. You have a point to prove; to you.

So, while I was gone, I was figuring out, what does this dream, goal, vision, mean to me? And how much does it mean? And honestly, it means everything. Something's gotta matter that much, for you to go after it that hard.

I've got a way to go, people. 


Brandy Austin